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Organization of World Heritage Cities Flag

May 22, 2017


Description of the flag

The Organisation des villes du patrimoine mondial (Organization of World Heritage Cities), of which Qu├ębec is a member (and which is also the headquarters), also a flag of its own (since 1995): (the pictures aren't good, however)

Attached is my attempt at reproducing the flag from the images on the site. It looks like the proportions are definitely 2:1, with an oval occupying approximately 62% of the (white) field vertically by 70% horizontally. The oval is of such thickness that the inner edge is approximately 70% vertically by 80% horizontally (of the outer ellipse). The three bars superposed on it (and creating a gap at the oval's base) seem to be dark red on top and dark gold below. 

I recently saw a colour poster by the Organization of World Heritage Cities, and I was able to check on the design and colours of the logo (it measured 2,5 x 1,25 cm). I can report the oval has proportions of 2:1, and the colour a very dark greenish blue (~RGB 0, 56, 64).