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Paralympic Games logo: what are the implications?

Dec 30, 2016

The torch relay for the Beijing Paralympics, "heaven," made up of three parts: one is the graphical portion, that is made of red, blue, and green color "" shape; the second is "Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games"; third, the flag of the International Paralympic Committee.

Graphic calligraphy strokes showed a sports figure, like a forward-bouncing gymnasts, reflect the movement concept. Logo used three colors red, blue, and green, respectively, meaning the Sun, the sky and the Earth. Mark can also be seen as a Chinese "". "It" meaning birth, generation after generation, while also meeting. Its glyph twists and turns, meaning through bumpy finally reached their goal to succeed. Logo to heaven, Earth and human harmony and unity as the main line, Chinese language, calligraphy, and integrating the Paralympic spirit, embodies the spirit of traditional Chinese culture and modern Olympic Games, with profound traditional Chinese culture. Above is the meaning of Paralympic logo.