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Plouvier N.V.Flag

Aug 03, 2017

[House flag of Plouvier]

[House flag of Plouvier]         [House flag of Plouvier]

House flag of Plouvier 

    Presentation of Plouvier

    The company (website) was founded by Prosper Plouvier Sr. at the end of the 19th century and expanded to Germany and the Netherlands, specializing in transporting mineral oil. It experienced a considerable growth between 1950 and 1965, with 500-600 barges plus a number of sea-going vessels.
    No longer a big shipowner at the time of the oil crisis in the mid-seventies, the company kept the tankers and put inland shipping under the wing of Plouvier Transport N.V. and also Vola Transportmaatschappij B.V. in Rotterdam, concentrating on shipments.
    Year 1990 saw the acquisition of some tankers and from 1995 on various firms were taken over such as Intertrans Tankschiffahrt (Switzerland) and Verol (The Netherlands).

    House flag of Plouvier

    The house flag of Plouvier, as shown on photographies on the company website and seen over a building, is white with narrow red horizontal edges (like the municipal flag ofAntwerp) and a large black "P" in the centre.
    Duwvaart, by Jansen & Van Heck, shows the flag with a smaller, red "P" and the red stripes slightly broader.

    In the VRT police series Witse, a Plouvier flag flies on a barge seen in the beginning of the series when Commissioner Witse tackles his first case in his new hometown, Halle, south of Brussels.