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Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal Flag

May 22, 2017




Unión Postal de las Americas, España y Portugal (Spanish) 
Uniăo Postal das Américas, Espanha e Portugal (Portugese)

The Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal (UPAEP) is an intergovernmental organization, gathering at present 27 State Members, with headquarters in Montevideo, in Uruguay. Established in 1911 under the designation South America Postal Union, this Organization has amended successively its scope and designation, at first with the enlargement across the whole American territory.
UPAEP's mission comprises the constant improvement of the postal services of its member countries, facilitating the exchange of experiences and the operation of concerted action between postal bodies, and implementing international cooperation initiatives, always bearing in mind the promotion of postal interchange, at national and international level, an action governed by guarantees regarding security, regularity, speed and economy.

The Flag

The emblem shows a postal horn surmounted by the letters "UPAEP" (or PUASP) in dark blue. The flag is plain white with in the middle three big orange horizontal lines and towards the fly, on these lines the emblem (with as letters: UPAEP) in dark blue. Proportions: about 3:5.