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Production process of cotton fabric

Dec 30, 2016

1. the scouring and bleaching process of scouring and bleaching of cotton knitted fabrics: scouring, bleaching and alkali shrinkage, waxing, etc. Processing principles, such as scouring, bleaching agents with the same cloth and shall not repeat it. But cotton knits are connected by the coil, and large spaces between the yarns, easy deformation, to undergo more tension, machining equipment, processing must be loose. Following a brief waxing and alkali shrinkage processes.

1) alkali shrinkage: cotton knitted fabric alkali shrinkage cotton knitted fabric with the slack in concentrated alkali process. Cotton fibre extruded in concentrated caustic soda solution, fabric shrinking and fabric density and elasticity increase tissue loose cloth fabric processing and alkali shrinkage consists of three steps, namely padding lye, piled up shrinkage and washing of alkali.

2) wax: after scouring and bleaching of cotton knits, cotton oil wax material was removed, friction force between fiber increases. In sewing, because fiber is not easy to slip the needle bar broken needle and fabric fibers, affected stretch. To resolve this problem, in addition to strict control of process conditions, while softening, namely wax, dried the fabric pad paraffin emulsion, dewatering and drying.

2. dyeing and printing of cotton knitted fabric dyeing, printing and cotton are basically the same, I will not repeat here. Stain should be used when machining equipment, rope dyeing machine, such as pine. Printing manual printing or offset printing.

3. finishing finish there are shrink-proof finishing of cotton knitted fabric and fleece finish. In the dyeing and finishing process of cotton knits, susceptible to stretching, accumulated deformation upon washing, accumulated deformation retraction of fabrics, dimensional changes. Shrink-proof finishing fabrics in hot and humid State of relaxation forced back, so that the fabric dimensional stability. Fleece finish of cotton knitted fabric required. Fleece finish is to pull the fiber in knitted fabric floating lines down, so that the fabric is soft. Feel thin, warm and enhanced. Different varieties of cotton knitted goods dyeing and finishing process can vary.