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Qantas Empire Airways 1945-1948 Flag

Jul 14, 2017

[Flag of Qantas Empire Airways, 1945?-1948] 

[Blue with "QEA" in yellow in the canton, white federation (7-pointed) star in lower hoist, white southern cross in fly (as in the national flag) and the "Speedbird" logo in yellow in the centre of the flag.]

Qantas was formally known as Quantas Empire Airways between 1934 and 1967. The Speedbird desigated the QEA as a joint venture between Qantas and British Overseas Airway Corporation.

Speedbird, the name given to the logo used on the flag, is also used as a call sign by some British Airways aircraft to this day. The logo itself has evolved since, and is currently known as the "Speedmarque".