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Queensland Cement & Lime Co Flag

Jul 20, 2017

[Queensland Cement & Lime Co. flag] 

Queensland Cement & Lime Co., Ltd., Darra - white flag, "QCL" over "Queensland"; in the top-"Q" a crude map of Queensland, all redbrown.

Queensland Cement & Lime Co. Formed in 1914 it became involved in shipping in 1932 and in the latter stages operated its vessel through the subsidiary Cementco Shipping Pty. Ltd. According to The Log 8/1886 the map of Queensland on the flag was green and there was no lettering on the flag. The discrepancy with Brown 1995 may relate to its having changed name in 1988 to Queensland Cement Ltd. Neither flag now apply with the company having been merged into Cement Australia in 2003.