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Río de La Plata S.A. de Navegación de Ultramar Flag(Argentina)

Jul 12, 2017

Rio de la Plata S.A. de Navegacion de Ultramar house flag

About Río de La Plata S.A. de Navegación de Ultramar

[Alberto] Dodero founded the Compañía Argentina de Navegación Mihanovich Ltda.. Since then, he was the most important private ship owner of Argentina. In 1942, the company changed its name to Compañía Argentina de Navegación Dodero S.A. and the holding company Río de la Plata (Dodero Group). In 1949 Dodero Group was nationalized by the government of Peron.

And here, saying that the holding company – named Río de la Plata, Compañía de Inversiones Marítimas S.A. was founded in april 1943.


As illustrated by the above shipping schedule, not only did Río de la Plata fly a distinct house flag but operated at least one passenger ship, ‘Presidente Perón’, as well. The flag must have flown between 1943 and 1949/50.

where we find other, related house flags (white saltire on blue or blue-white division per saltire) already described by Neale. Second picture, sailing schedule 1949/1950 (Buenos Aires-London route).

The Río de la Plata Line flew a blue house flag bearing a white saltire and a blue-rimmed disk in the centre, white, with stylized red initials ‘RP’ (the ‘R’ placed higher than the ‘P’).