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Rederij Ringoot en Zoon N.V.Flag

Aug 03, 2017

[House flag of Ringoot]

House flag of Ringoot en Zoon

Ringoot is now called Rederij Ringoot en Zoon N.V. and based in Schoten, situated between Antwerp and Brasschaat.
As a gold jubilee was celebrated in 2001 this means the firm must have been founded in 1951. Newly acquired tankers are double-hulled: a picture shows one built in St. Petersburg, Russia, and outfitted in Hardinxveld, Netherlands.

The triangular flag or pennant, as shown graphically on the company webpage still has the red initials (no more dots) but these are now on the middle, white stripe which is put between a yellow stripe (upper) and a blue one (lower).

photo shot by RenĂ© Keuvelaar, 4 March 2006, on board the Pegasus shows the flag with the yellow and blue stripe not diminishing but rather following the flag's edge nd maybe meeting at the tip.