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Refrigerated Express Line (Australasia) Flag

Jul 20, 2017

[Refrigerated Express Line (Australasia) flag] 

Refrigerated Express Line (Australasia) Pty., Adelaide - blue flag, white globed "R".

Refrigerated Express Line (Australia). A joint venture formed 1968 between Fairfield International Corporation and Maruha Corporation and subsequently a full subsidiary of the former. By the latter 1980s it had changed its name to New Guinea Express Lines (Australasia) Pty. Ltd. I recorded the flag in 1986 but not as a swallowtail with the blue being a mid shade and the globe design in the upper "R" being formed by 7 vertical and 1 horizontal white lines with this complexity being too much for the small image shown in Brown. The design on the funnel however pointed to the flag being swallow-tailed with possibly the tail points having been worn off with use though in correspondence with Louis Loughran he said that he had received an earlier report on a normal rectangular version so such a flag may have existed, possibly from an incorrectly manufactured batch which was used up.