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Aug 09, 2017

House Flag of SCANBRAS (Brazil) 

SCANBRAS, evidently a joint venture among Lloyd Brasileiro, Aliança, and Transroll. Nüsse shows two other variants of this flag, one with SCAN and BRAS in black and the other with the letters L and A in black in place of the SCAN and BRAS logos. 

Scanbras or Scan Bras. This Brazilian company joint service was actually registered in Germany (see two of the flags from the Josef Nüsse site on the page "Scan Bras (German Shipping Company)". The company was born and died in Germany, but its parents [and the money no doubt] were Brazilian. 

In 1984 Empresa de Navegacao Allianca SA and Lloyd Brasileiro Patrimonio Nacional, both located in Rio de Janeiro founded SCAN BRAS Joint Service, located according to BÜHNE in Botafogo. Two vessels ran a circle line Rio d.J.- Santos – Pagua to Oslo, and from there to Aarhus –Göteborg – Malmö –Stockholm – Helsinki, there and back again. In 1988 Transroll Navegacao SA, located in Rio d.J. joined SCAN BRAS. As Transroll refused the funnel with the initials “LB” and “AL”, a new flag and funnel were created, replacing the initials by a black inscription “SCAN” and “BRAS”, each placed on a white background upon two black arrows. Another flag was created, with a yellow inscription “SCAN” and a red inscription “BRAS”, but according to source this flag had never been used officially. The three companions gained 33.3% of the profit each. Allianca was the main actor and all decisions had been made in Hamburg despite of company location in Botafogo. Transroll and Lloyd Brasileiro played the role of “quiet participants”.
In 1991 the company was dissolved. Allianca bought bigger container ships and the business was maintained via Hamburg since then.