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Schellen Shipping N.V.Flag

Aug 03, 2017

[House flag of Schellen]

House flag of Schellen Shipping 

    Presentation of Schellen Shipping

    Frédéric Schellen, coal merchant, founded the Comptoir Charbonnier et Maritime (Coal and Maritime Office) in 1885. A separate shipping division was established in 1898 and received the name Schellen Shipping & Agency Co.

    Quoting the company website:

    Schellen Shipping N.V., Carriers Representative Shipping Agency since 1895, now representing the following lines:

    • Syjomar. Since 1979, we are the port agents of the National Syrian Line and the Syro-Jordanian Shipping Company. The service operates two sister vessels, M/SBarada and M/S Al Yarmouk. Sailing every 20 days from Antwerp.

    • Mundial Roro. Since 1982, we represent the Libanese line Mundial Roro, specialised in Roro shipments to the Meditteranian.

    Lloyd's book of house flags and funnels of the principal steamship lines of the world and the house flags of various lines of sailing vessels, published at Lloyd's Royal Exchange. London. E.C. (1911), also available online thanks to the Mystic Seaport Foundation, lists (#525) Stoom-Maatsch. "Tromp" (J.F. & F. Schellen), Rotterdam, that is a Dutch firm.
    How the company shifted between Belgium and the Netherlands and if it is still present in both countries is not known.

    House flag of Schellen Shipping

    The house flag of Schellen Shipping, as shown on the company website, is white with a green star bearing a white disk charged with a black S.
    The flag is similar to the house flag of Stoom-Maatsch. "Tromp" (J.F. & F. Schellen), shown on Lloyd's 1911, where the star is green instead of black