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Société Anonyme des Pêcheries à Vapeur Flag

Aug 03, 2017

[House flag of Pecheries Vapeur]         [House flag of Steja]

House flag of Pêcheries à Vapeur

    Presentation of Pêcheries à Vapeur

    A share of Pêcheries à Vapeur, of Ostende, appeared in a recent Boone scripophily auction. The small print on this share indicates 1896 as the founding date (at Bruges) and mentions various other dates of insertions in the Belgian state gazette, the last dating from 1950. I do not think the firm, founded by John Bauwens (d. 1955) in 1896, still exists.

    House flag of Pêcheries à Vapeur

    The house flag of the company is shown on the aforementioned share, as horizontally divided into two (recalling the flag of Ostende, with dark-coloured letters PV in the centre. On the Flags & Funnels website by Heinrich Fischbach (no longer online) is shown what appears to be the flag on the share, that is horizontally divided red-yellow with black letters.

    The house flag is shown as #608, John Bauwens (Société Pêcheries à Vapeur), in Lloyd's book of house flags and funnels of the principal steamship lines of the world and the house flags of various lines of sailing vessels, published at Lloyd's Royal Exchange. London. E.C. (1911), also available online thanks to the Mystic Seaport Foundation. There are here dots after the letters, which are shifted to the hoist.