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SOS Children's Villages Flag

May 23, 2017


    Description of the flag

    The flag is similar to the organization's logo, but without lettering. It includes only the blue emblem of two children and a flower, all dark blue on white. The ratio 3:2 is conjectural.

    The flag and logo are used for SOS Barnbyar, a help program in Sweden for children in less developed countries.

    The SOS Children's Villages were founded in 1949 by an Austrian, Hermann Gmeiner. Their webpage has more.

    In 1979, Togo issued a 15₣ (15 XFA) postage stamp featuring the emblem of SOS Children's Villages, an international childhood poverty and abuse relief NGO. The same emblem, slightly changed to reflect local clothing tradition, is used in the flag of one such villages in Tibet.