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South American Defense Council Flag

Jun 20, 2017



South American Defense Council 
Consejo de Defensa Suramericano (Spanish)

Creation of South American Defense Council (SADC) was approved in December 2008, in an extraordinary summit in Brazil, where the Statute of the UNASUR SADC was signed.
The Statute defines the Council's main aims as:
1. Consolidating South America as a zone of peace, a base for democratic stability and the integral development of our peoples, and a contribution to world peace.
2. Creating a South American identity in defense issues, incorporating the subregional and national characteristics that strengthen unity between Latin America and the Caribbean.
3. Generating consensus to strengthen regional cooperation on defense issues.
The SADC is made up of the defense ministers of UNASUR's 12 country members, who carry out annual ordinary meetings. The Council has an executive body, made of the regionâ019s vice-ministers of defense. The Presidency, charged with coordinating its activities, is exercised by the country that holds UNASUR's pro tempore presidency.