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Stetrag Flag

Jul 21, 2017


Stetrag, short for Stetrag Schiffahrts GmbH & Co., has its company seat at Schönberg, Lower Austria and according to the ‘About us’ section on its homepage (English version):

“the company’s objective was to become the quality leader in tanker shipping on the Danube (by offering) the acknowledged high quality criteria enjoyed by tanker shipping on the Rhine to the petroleum industry along the Danube as well. With our partners Stetrag AG (CH), Stetrag GmbH (D) and our other tanker shipping partners, we have a total shipping capacity of 75,000 tonnes that can be used on the Danube and on all waterways in Western Europe.”

Sample the map on this page, to get an idea of the area covered, while the various tankers are found under ‘Services’, subsection ‘Our Fleet’.

The Swiss-looking house flag on the site – a subsidiary is indeed established at Basel  – would almost make us forget that Stetrag is an Austrian firm!

Red, bearing a white couped cross in the upper hoist and a white wedge starting from the fly the point of which reaches the centre point of the flag; placed on the wedge is the name ‘STETRAG’ in black letters without serifs.