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Sud Atlántica Sociedad Anónima de Navegación Flag

Jul 12, 2017

Sud Atlantica Sociedad Anonima de Navegacion house flag


About Sud Atlántica Sociedad Anónima de Navegación

Sud Atlantica Sociedad Anonima de Navegaçion : Operated pre WW1 with Lloyds 1904 indicating that it was operated by Miguel Mihanovich, it appears to have ceased operations around 1930.



From the plate shown in Znamierowski:

#376. Sud Atlantica Soc. Anon. de Nav. - Buenos Aires
Shipping lines: Buenos Aires - La Plata, Brazil Cargo and passenger steamboats: 8 Tonnage: ca 10,000 Regt. brutto.

Red flag with a white lozenge nearly touching the edges of the flag. A blue anchor in the middle with S and A, in blue, on either side of the anchor, respectively.


Talbot-Booth in his 1936 books shows the flag under Compañia Sud-Americana de Vapores in error.


In the 1930 Larousse Commercial house flag pages this flag — red with white diamond, its four points touching the flag’s edges; in the diamond, a blue upright anchor (without rope) accompanied by blue letters S and A, left and right of the stock respectively — is misidentified as that of Cia SudAmericana de Vapores, Valparaiso.