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The Flag for African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States - ACP

Apr 26, 2017

[ACP - African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (Lomé Convention)] 

Description of the flag

It looks like the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) adopted a new flag on June 17, 2013. Image origins from the acp.int website.

"Description of the ACP Flag.
The flag is proportioned 4.5 to 6 (hoist side to fly side) and consists of three diagonal bands of colour: green, gold and blue. Green represents fertility and natural beauty and resources of our countries, gold symbolises the sun and the warmth of our people and blue symbolises the bodies of water that surround many of our nations, as well as the peace we all strive... for.
Starting at the hoist side with a green (Pantone 3415C or RGB 0,147,102) isosceles triangle at the top, proportioned at a ratio 268 to 403 (hoist to fly). Below this is a diagonal band in gold (Pantone 131C or RGB 253,180,21) that extends to the base of the fly side and continues to 197 along the fly side and extends diagonally to the right side of the flag and cuts the right hand side at position 267. The remainder of the flag is another isosceles triangle in Ocean blue (Pantone Process Blue C or RGB 0,153,216) which is the same size as the green one rotated through 180 degrees. At the centre of the flag is the ACP logo with a black outline (Black C) and the three globes at the centre of the letters are of Pantone Orange 021 (RGB 247,146,57). The left side of the logo starts at position 136 and the right side terminates at position 462. The bottom of the logo starts at position 82 and terminates vertically at position 322."

It hard to see whether specifications and image have the same origin, but the specification is for a 3:4 flag where the image appears to be 2:3.

Previous flag

[Previous ACP flag] 

Status and usage of flag is uncertain.

A white flag with green-outlined letters acp, each containing a red globe with gold lines of latitude and longitude.