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The Flag for International Civil Defence Organization

May 04, 2017

[Flag of International Co-operative Alliance] 

International Civil Defence Organization

The flag of the International Civil Defence Organisation (ICDO) was sighted as a table flag used at the 38th ICDO Executive Council meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland held from 30th June to 1st July 2005. The emblem of the ICDO as used on the flag, features an orange globe with white longitude and latitude lines throughout on which is placed a blue equilateral triangle. The blue triangle on an orange field is the distinctive sign of Civil Defence as spelt out in the 1977 Protocols to the 1949 Geneva Convention. The globe and triangle is completed with green laurels. The ICDO emblem is placed on a white field when used as a flag. Also perhaps of interest in relation to the emblem of civil defence, the ICDO and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) jointly organized a meeting of experts on the implementation of international humanitarian law relating to civil defence from 30 June to 2 July 1997.

In an article summarising the various discussions that went on in the meeting, one of the issues raised was that of regulating the use of the civil defence emblem along the lines of the Red Cross-Red Crescent emblem where it seems to have been agreed that, "No additions should be made to the [civil defence] emblem, referred to in Protocol I as 'the international distinctive sign'. Governments that had made additions should be asked not to do so and to amend their legislation."

ICDO's emblem was also given mention where, "it was noted in passing that the logo of the ICDO was different from the international emblem."

The flag is shown in a photo at the ICDO site, but with a difference - two lines of blue writing are beneath the logo. I can't make them out. Based on the context of the photo, this might be a headquarters flag.