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The Flag of Adriatic Euroregion

Apr 07, 2017

[Adriatic Euroregion] 


The components of the Adriatic Euroregion are:

  • In Italy, the Regions of Puglia, Molise, Abruzzo, Marche, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia

  • In Slovenia, the Municipalities of Koper, Izola and Piran

  • In Croatia, the Counties of Istria, Primorsko-Goranska, Lika-Senj, Zadar, Sibenik-Knin, Split-Dalmatia and Dubrovnik-Neretva

  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Canton of Herzegovina-Neretva

  • The Republic of Montenegro

  • The Republic of Albania

The conference for the launching of the Adriatic Euroregion was held in Venice (Italy) on 6 February 2006. Earlier events having promoted the creation of the Euroregion are the Meeting on the Inter-regional Co-operation in the Adriatic Basin, held in Pula (Croatia) on 28 June 2004 and the Fifth Forum of Cities and Regions of South-East Europe, held in Budva (Montenegro) on 11-12 October 2004. The protocol on the establishment of the Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion was signed in Termoli (Italy) on 9 November 2004.
The "official names" of the Euroregion, at least those used on the logotype of the Euroregion are:
- Adriatic Euroregion (English);
- Euroregione Adriatica (Italian);
- Jadranska Euroregija (Slavic - shared by Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro);
- Eurorajoni Adriatik (Albanian) 

The Flag

The flag of the Adriatic Euroregion, as shown on the Region website, is horizontally divided light blue-dark blue with six outlined white fish, three in the upper stripe and three in the lower stripes, the whole frame in a thin white rectangle.