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The Flag of Bureau International des Expositions

Apr 27, 2017

[Bureau International des Expositions] 

Bureau International des Exposition flag

The new flag, based on the organization's website has a smaller logo that previously, with a shining effect, and the text Bureau International des Expositions" written around the hoist side, in green (B, I, Expo) and blue (remaining letters).

Earlier flag

[Bureau International des Expositions] 

The BIE, the Bureau International des Expositions, is the international body that sanctions international expositions (world's fairs). It consists of the BIE logo in blue on a white field. The logo was created by a Japanese student in 1969. It is flown at all sanctioned world's fairs. I do not know if there is an official height-to-width ratio.

The world's fair flag was created for Expo'70 in Osaka. It is white with the BIE symbol in the middle. At most closing ceremonies these days it is pass to the next host city something like the Olympic flag. Many individual expos have had their own flags as well - for the most part these have also been white with the each expo's symbol in the middle. The earliest flag 
I've seen is from New York 1939.