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The Flag of Gastronomy World Flag

May 05, 2017

[Gastronomy World Flag] 

Gastronomy World Flag

Eduardo Gonzalo Viera is the intellectual creator of design and idea of the flag. He is from Paysandu, Uruguay and working in Puerto Vallarta. He is an executive Chef and very excited with the outcome of this project. He was assisted by his girlfriend, Irasema Campos, who supported the idea with same passion as Eduardo and worked very hard along with him to make it happen

The real flag has the following meaning: 

- The blue edge represents the Uruguay flag color which is translated to respect to oneself country. 

- The background is in white sparked with 2 vertical lines of 3 black buttons each that represent a Chef's jacket. 

- In the center we see a modern plate with 2 ciboulet twigs that represent creativity. 

- Hands together represent Talent. 

- Doves show 2 schemes: feeding each other shows the hospitality and second one is well known as world peace - much required nowadays. 

- Bay leaves crown represent union on the never ending learning process of those who never stop feeding the hungry.