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The Flag of Intergovernmental Organization for Sustainable Development

May 02, 2017

[IOSD flag] 


The Intergovernmental Organization for Sustainable Development (IOSD) began in 2006 as a non-profit organization with a mandate to administer the Euclid University Extension program and also develop and implement other programs related to sustainable development. In 2008, IOSD was absorbed into EUCLID when the EUCLID agreement entered into force and became an Institute within EUCLID.
IOSD and EUCLID share officers and offices. 
The mission of the International Organization for Sustainable Development is to foster the well-being of all human beings by promoting sustainable economic development, inter-cultural dialogue, and facilitating access to world-class higher education, especially in the developing nations of Africa and the Pacific.

The Flag

Its flag is light blue with its emblem placed on a white disc in the center of the flag.