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The Flag of Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization

May 02, 2017

[IREO flag] 


Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization, IREO is an Intergovernmental Organization that works to promote the use of affordable, clean sources of renewable energy worldwide. It strives to make Alternative Renewable Energy sources a key-driver to eradicate the current depletion of our environment by the use of fossil fuels that has led to the climate change and energy crisis due to high prices and other factors we are now facing. IREO strives to achieve global energy security, and bridge the energy divide with a special priority for the Developing and the Least Developed Countries with a South to South Sustainable Development Approach.
IREO is formed through a Constituting Treaty between the Official Members States depicted in box below that agreed to form a Collaborative Intergovernmental Cooperative Free Agreement for the promotion of Alternative Renewal Energy Resources to promote scientific research, initiatives, and education in favor of international cooperation.
Founded in 2008, IREO is headquartered in New York, USA. 
Its flag is white with its emblem on it.