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The Flag of International Committee of the Red Cross

May 04, 2017

[Flag of Red Cross] 

Proposal for a new symbol

[Red Diamond Flag of ICRC] 

As per the daily Swiss paper "24 Heures" of yesterday the International Committee of the Red Cross is planning a new flag. This new one is to avoid distinction between Christians and Muslims. As you can see, the project is very simple for everyone and without any distinctive religious items.

I believe this has been under discussion for some time- at least five years. It's more often referred to as the Red Diamond.

Variant symbol

[Variant ICRC flag] 

The magazine "Géo" (171, May 1993) shows a picture taken in Somalia during a mission of the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross). A truck embarking food on a beach is identified with a white square flag charged with the red cross and the black letters I C R C in the "cantons" of the cross. Another picture shows a similar emblem painted on the white wall on the hospital of Keysaney, Somalia.