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The Flag of International Council of Yacht Clubs

May 04, 2017

[Flag of ICoYC] 
Burgee of ICoYC, as illustrated

[Flag of ICoYC] 
Burgee of ICoYC, as sold

The Flag

I happened upon this one: International Council of Yacht Clubs, ICOYC. Apparently a gathering of supposedly leading yacht clubs.
Curiously, the burgee as illustrated, 3:5, differs from the burgee as photographed , both in ratio and in shades. As sold the burgee is 2:3 (18 x 12 inch or circa 45 x 30).
From that same page: "Members of yacht clubs in the ICOYC have the exclusive right to fly the Council’s burgee and wear a lapel pin. We encourage members to promote the organization and show pride in their affiliation with ICOYC.
Any yacht taking part in an ICOYC event is expected to fly a an ICOYC burgee!"
Any such yacht is must also be a member to one of the member clubs to do so, and that club will expect them to fly their burgee as well. A yacht may even be part of several such (or similar) clubs, which are likely to all demand specific positions for their burgee. Things may get very crowded.