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The Flag of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

Apr 19, 2017

Reported flag usages

[Flag of UN Food and Agriculture Org.] 

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations works to improve agricultural productivity and food security, and to better the living standards of rural populations. 

I saw two days ago for the first time the flag of FAO, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Unlike most (all?) the other UN agencies this one does not have a blue field: it's a white bed sheet with a (very) large FAO logo in the center. The logo occupies about 7/8ths of the height of the flag and is blue (not the UN blue, the usual FOTW B).

Possible variant

[Alternate Flag of UN Food and Agriculture Org.] 

The excellent Czech flag book by LudvĂ­k Mucha, shows the FAO flag as identical to the other UNO agencies' flag: white logo on 2:3 UN blue background. The logo to height ratio is about 16:27.

This might be an incorrect flag by Mucha, erroneously depicted analogous to the other UN flags, or it might be an older version of the FAO flag. Or it might also be that the white flag is itself erroneous or just a variant. 

After sending the image I had a look at some U.N. websites to try to find up-to-date images of the flags of the U.N. agencies. No luck - but I did find an FAO site which shows a logo (not a flag) pretty well exactly as shown in the second image here - but on a distinctly *non*-UN dark blue background.