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The Flag of World Meteorological Organization

Apr 26, 2017

About the flag

My collection of UN Agencies' flags are based both on William G. Crampton's "Flags & Coats of Arms" and the official logos of each agency. 

The World Meteorological Organization promotes scientific research on the Earth's atmosphere and on climate change and facilitates the global exchange of meteorological data. 

The World Meteorological Organization modified its logo on 26 June 2012 during the 64th Session of the Executive Council. Compass became yellow, and abbreviations are omitted from the logo.

Previous flag

[World Meteorological Organization] 

Weather warning flags

All signals are found in Ch. 5 of ‘WMO Publication No. 9, Weather Reporting, Volume D, Information for Shipping’. Most are specific to individual countries, but two are shown in Annex II ‘National Systems of Visual Storm Warning Signals (Day Signals) as offered by WMO on line 

[Weather warning flag]   [Weather warning flag] 

The first signal is really a set of two flags, a yellow one with thin red ascending diagonal stripes (is the number important? I count seven) above a white one bearing a thin red saltire. The second signal is a red pennant with two vertical blue stripes. I could not find these in the country list and suppose they were abolished in the past but not removed from the table.

These seem to be ICS letter flags spelling "yv" (Yankee and Victor). Pairs of ICS flags have usually separate meanings; any idea about this?