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The Flag of World Tourism Organization

Apr 26, 2017

[flag of the World Tourism Organization] 


Organization mondiale du tourisme (French), 
Organization Mundial del turismo (Italian)

The emblem is a globe with two ribbon signs in form of a curved "Z". At the bottom are the words "OMT.WTO.BTO" [BTO is the Russian name of the organization: (Roman characters transcription) VSSEMIRNAIA TOURISTSKAIA ORGANISATSSIA] 
This emblem appears in white on a blue (UNO-ONU) flag. Proportions: 4:7. 
Published in Bundesblatt für die Republik Österreisch OE 16/10/81

Description of the flag

the flag design is confirmed (except for the lettering) by an actual flag photo. An important detail is that the scrolls extend each a tip on over the poles.

The emblem can also be seen on the World Tourism Organization website.

The logo of the World Tourism Organization was changed. According to A/19/10(h) (2011), the logo was changed in 1998. Thus, the flag was changed as well. However, according to that same document, the basic design of the flag is still the emblem on a solid field with no text. A physical copy of the flag can be seen here.

[flag of the World Tourism Organization] 

Variants with acronyms

[flag of the World Tourism Organization] 

The exact design as prescribed by the Austrian 1981 law, with letters "OMT•WTO•BTO"

[flag of the World Tourism Organization] 

The equivalent design using the current acronym and language order preference ("UNWTO•OMT•ЮHBTO"), an unsure design.