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The Free Culture Creative Communist flag

Apr 12, 2017

[Free Culture flag]

 Free Culture advocates believe in the review or repeal of many patent and intellectual property laws, to bring them more in line with modern technology. A recent creation of this movement is the Creative Commons License, an alternative to a traditional copyright.

In a recent interview, Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, likened these advocates to "Communists". This almost instantly gave the advocates a new symbol, as they have begun appropriating old examples of Soviet symbology and Constructivist art and decorating them with the "copyleft" symbol (a backwards © [Ɔ⃝]).

Of course, their first symbol was a flag. It is the Soviet Union's flag with a copyleft instead of a Hammer and Sickle.

At this time, there are no physical examples; however, since there are already "Creative Communists" t-shirts for sale, it's only a matter of time before that flag flies, probably at some technical conference.