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Union of South American Nations Previous Flag

Jun 20, 2017


A photograph taken by Fernando Bizerra Jr (EFE) during the inauguration ceremony of UNASUR shows President Alan García (Peru) forwarding the flag of UNASUR to President Michelle Bachelet (Chile), who will act as the first President pro tempore of UNASUR. The flag is red with a yellow (filled) map of South America inscribed in a yellow ring.

This design is an unmistakable successor of the flag of APRA, the American Popular Revolutionary Alliance (Alianza Popular Revolucionaria Americana). On 06 Sep 2000 and 08 Sep 2000, Guillermo Tell Aveledo wrote:
"The APRA, founded in the 1920s in Peru, was conceived by his founder, Victor Raul Haya de La Torre, as to become a political party for the Americas, based in our realities and not in foreign ideologies. Ultimately, while the party was non-communist (and condemned as such by the Soviet Union), it had socialist ideas. Since Haya de La Torre couldn’t succeed in making the APRA an all-American party, the action of the core of the APRA focused on Peru (the APRA and the PAP are pretty much the same). the ring's diameter is much smaller than in Ivan's image, and slightly oblong vertically — definitely a poor depiction, considering the photo showing the official flag, but then again, still considering the said photo, Ivan's map and ring seem to be too large. I wonder how does the obverse of this flag looks like, it including so prominently an irreversible element.

While the UNASUR has not yet adopted an official flag, the closest thing is the proposal that the Peruvian president submitted on the last meeting of South American heads of state. All of the presidents in attendance rose and clapped, signaling their approval. Pending official approval, this is the closest thing to an official South American flag there is.