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Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization Flag

May 23, 2017


    Flag of UNPO

    The website of UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation) it says:

    "UNPO is an international organisation created by nations and peoples around the world, who are not represented as such in the world's principal international organisations, such as the United Nations. Founded in 1991, UNPO today consists of over 50 members who represent over 100 million persons. UNPO offers an international forum for occupied nations, indigenous peoples, minorities, and even oppressed majorities who currently struggle to regain their lost countries, preserve their cultural identities, protect their basic human and economic rights and safeguard the natural environment."

    The UNPO flag was adopted on 5 August 1991 at the second UNPO General Assembly. At the first GA on 11 February 1991 it was decided to call on all present members to design both a flag and a symbol for UNPO. At the time of the second GA both a flag and a symbol were adopted, however over the years the flag was deemed not clear enough to identify UNPO, which was the reason why the logo was more often used than the flag. In 2005 it was decided to combine the flag and symbol into a new flag. 

    "The logo of UNPO was the result of an open competition in which Mr. Qenan Sheji (of Albania) made the winning design. As far as I know, UNPO did not adopt a new flag in 2002. The flag without the UNPO name in the middle was sometimes used before and after that time and I am not completely sure why this happened, but the official flag is the one that is attached and it is usually behind a deep blue background; also see the photo's on our website.

    The date of the adoption of the new flag was 24 June 2005.