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W. & R. Carpenter & Co. Ltd Flag

Jul 17, 2017

[W. & R. Carpenter & Co. Ltd. houseflag and funnel] 

W. & R. Carpenter & Co. Ltd. Formed in 1914 and trading out of Sydney it grew into quite a sizeable group extending to Fiji, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands and post WW2 seems to have operated principally through the Fijian-based Pacific Shipowners Ltd. The Carpenter family relinquished their interest in the Group in 1983 and the following year it became part of the Malaysian conglomerate of Bf Holdings Group. Three flag versions have been found with the main one being
blue with a white Star of David enclosing a white "C" which is supported by US Navy 1961 

[W. & R. Carpenter & Co. Ltd. houseflag and funnel] [W. & R. Carpenter & Co. Ltd. houseflag and funnel] 

A slightly different version is shown by Brown 1951 in which the upper and lower points of the star do not extend whilst Brown 1943 only shows a blue flag with a white "C" which seems odd when the complete star emblem appears on its portrayal of the funnel albeit with the upper point not extending.