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Waratah Towage Flag

Jul 21, 2017

[Waratah Towage Pty Ltd flag] 

Waratah Towage Pty., Ltd., Sydney - blue flag, white diamond, red "W".

Waratah Towage. The original company to use this livery (Log 5/1985) was Waratah Tug & Salvage Co. Ltd. formed in 1931 as a subsidiary of Adelaide Steamship Co. Ltd. who in 1968 absorbed into its own activities as a division. The original company remained inoperative and is given as later being sold [presumably as a paper company] but in 1975 a joint venture was proposed between Adelaide Steamship Co. Ltd. and Howard Smith Ltd. to be named Waratah Towage Pty. Ltd. However the government Trade Practices Commission refused permission though a subsequent law change in 1977 saw the formation of the new company which used the same livery. Since then the tugs appears to have been swallowed up by Adsteam but Waratah is apparently still in existence in the Balmain suburb of Sydney.