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William Holyman & Sons Pty. Ltd Flag

Jul 18, 2017

Flag 1993-2000

[William Holyman & Sons Pty. Ltd. houseflag and funnel] 

William Holyman & Sons Pty. Ltd. With origins going back to 1861 this Tasmanian company was one of several known as the White Star Line with its red flag bearing a white star (US Navy 1961, Stewart 1963, Marine News 7/1970 and The Log 11/1985. Appears to be taken over by TNT Group, its last ship ceasing trading in 1987 but the name at least being continued in 1993 by the formation of what is now Holyman Pty. Ltd. by a management led buyout of the shipping and new business development interests of TNT Shipping & Development. This appears to have included the remains of the William Holyman company, with subsequent name changes, but not their old livery.

Holyman ceased to exist upon its takeover by Patrick Corporation in 2000, itself taken over by Toll Holdings in 2006.

Flag circa 1882 - circa 1987

[William Holyman & Sons Pty. Ltd. houseflag and funnel]