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World Customs Organization Flag

May 25, 2017


    Description of the flag

    The WCO flag is merely the organization's logo on a white background. Designed in 1992 and adopted in 1993, the WCO logo symbolizes the countries of the world cradled and brought together by the arms of the Customs Co-operation Council (CCC). The colours of the new emblem are in the royal blue most frequently associated with Customs services around the world, and highlighted with a "metallic" silver trim. The official colors of the logo are: "WCO blue" (pantone 3005) and "WCO grey" (pantone 877-20% black).

    The WCO has always used a white background with its logo as a "flag". There have been quite a number of other logos in use since the formation of the Organization.

    WCO Communications Service

    About the World Customs Organization

    The WCO was founded 4 November 1952 as the Customs Cooperation Council (CCC). On 22 June 1994 the working name World Customs Organization (WCO) was adopted.