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World Federation of Trade Unions Flag

May 25, 2017


    World Federation of Trade Unions

    a yellow flag with logo and organization name. Image made using the logo from, where, it says "The World Federation of Trade Unions was formed in Paris on the 3rd of October 1945 and was attended by delegates representing 67 million workers from 56 national organisations from 55 countries and 20 international organisations. Among the original aims of the WFTU is to 'combat war and the causes of war and work for a stable and enduring peace'. Other founding resolutions are the right for workers to organise themselves, freedom from discrimination on race, creed colour or sex, the right to work and to paid holidays, living wages and social security to guarantee against unemployment, in sickness, accidents and old age. The WFTU today continues to represent millions of workers around the globe in class based trade unionism."