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Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes Flag

Jun 20, 2017


Description of the flag and organization

The Great Lakes are the largest network of fresh water lakes in the world, made of Lake Superior,  Lake Huron,  Lake Michigan,  Lake Erie, and  Lake Ontario.  The total area of the Great Lakes is 245,500 sq. km.  Such a huge area of fresh water is a yachtman's paradise, and yacht clubs have grouped in associations, most of them being bi-national (USA and Canada).

The main association is the Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes, founded in 1896. Its burgee is a very long flag (apparently more than 1:3) of truncated triangular shape (i.e. trapezoid). The flag is white at hoist, with six red stars placed in three parallel columns (3 + 2 + 1). The tail of the flag is green with a thin horizontal white stripe in the middle, which is connected to the white part.

I guess that the six stars stand for the six associations which
constitute YRUGL, and should be dealt with in future messages:
- Lake Huron Yachting Association
- Lake Yacht Racing Association
- Inter-Lake Yachting Association
- Detroit Regional Yacht-Racing Association
- Lake Michigan Sail Racing Association
- Lake Superior Yachting Association