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115,000 Miles- Passing Of The Flag Tour Stops In Scott

Jul 28, 2017

An American flag is on a 115,000 mile journey. That flag stopped in Scott Thursday afternoon and it’s all to help veterans. The passing of the flag started back in 2009 as biker guy, Bill Sheer, from Milwaukee created a Nation of Patriots. A group of patriots hopped on their bikes and drove a flag across 48 states, making 104 stops on the way.

“I’m a Vietnam veteran and I’ve seen a lot of changes and somethings don’t change…veterans do get the short end of the stick.” said Scott Passing of the Flag Organizer, Risk Barber.

People like Rick Barber and Bill Sheer, the founder of Nation of Patriots, hope to lengthen that stick.

“We are doing this as a visible way to get people more aware of the fact that there are veterans who are wounded who are on disability who have families. And even though they are on disability they can’t make the bills.” said Barber.

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This is Barber’s 3rd official year organizing a Passing of the Flag ceremony in Acadiana. But you’ll also see some of the same volunteers year after year.

“For the past three years it’s been our honor” said Anna Sander, President of the Women Veterans of Louisiana.

“When the bikers come in under that big American flag…I’m so patriotic and that American flag means a lot here and overseas.” said Olina Arrington, Vice President of Women Veterans of Louisiana.

At each stop in the Patriot Tour, organizers raise money for local veterans in their area. Barber has so far been able to help 8 veterans and their families and that number is growing.

“Last year we raised 6,000 dollars and around Christmas two families got 3,000 dollars each.” said Barber, “I’ve been blessed to be a person here that has the ability to be a veteran and help veterans that can’t help themselves”

“This is something that is so rewarding you know to give back to veterans who have helped our country and even though we are veterans ourselves, this is something we wanna do and appreciate them.” said Arrington.

Friday morning the flag and it’s new flag bearer will be escorted to Baton Rouge.