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3rd Annual Fly Your Flag

Jul 17, 2017

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Flags were raised and flying high Sunday afternoon in Amarillo. The 3rd Annual Fly Your Flag event kicked off at John Stiff Park. 

The public event was put on by Three Percenters, Freedom Riders, and Sons of Liberty. 

James Roberts, event coordinator said, "It's good to see Patriots come together and stand together." 

The day started with an auction. The money from the auction is going to a local woman has been battling an infection since she was five years old. She is in need of surgery and help with travel and medical expenses. 

Krystan Skidmore, the woman benefiting from the auction said, "It's really good, it's a wonderful feeling to know that people actually do care about me and stuff. Willing to take time out of their day to help." 

After the auction, the attendees prayed together and then started on their convoy through Amarillo. 

From the American flag to the Texas flag, to flags supporting our military, the trucks took off showing their pride. 

"We back the blue, we back our countrymen, our veterans and all that. There are several veterans that are out here, you know. But definitely, we want to support our country is what we're trying to do, support our country, build it up. Not let it fall," Roberts said. 

The day ended at Cadillac Ranch where attendees spray painted the iconic Cadillacs. 

Event coordinators are looking forward to continuing this event in the future.