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Businesses Prepare To Fly Suffolk’s Official Flag, Designed By Framlingham Bulstrodes Owner, Ahead Of ‘Suffolk Day’

May 20, 2017

Businesses prepare to fly Suffolk’s official flag, designed by Framlingham Bulstrodes owner, ahead of ‘Suffolk Day’

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The event, spearheaded by BBC Radio Suffolk and the East Anglian Daily Times, will celebrate Suffolk’s history, art and culture, landscape, technology, wildlife, food and businesses.

One person who has teamed up with organisers is business owner Bill Bulstrode, who has designed the official flag for Suffolk.

Mr Bulstrode, who designed the Suffolk flag for Suffolk Day, said: “The inspiration came from a previous campaign for the first patron of England, St Edmund, to replace St George as the patron saint.

“The design was based on the East Anglian flag but was altered to reflect St Edmund’s crown and how he was killed in battle with two arrows.”

The East Anglian flag has the red cross of England, with a blue shield on top with three crowns; reflecting the three counties.

Mr Bulstrode, from Framlingham will stock a variety of merchandise sporting Suffolk’s official flag in his store, Bulstrodes along Bridge Street in Framlingham from May 19. Mugs, tea towels, flags, bunting, tables cloths and car stickers, all sporting the Suffolk flag, will be available to purchase.

Mr Bulstrode said: “We are trying to get everyone to fly the flag, we hope to see it on every flag pole.

“It is an excellent event celebrating a fine county to the rest of the county and the world”.

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The flag has already been making its mark around the world, from the top of Kilimanjaro to Ben Nevis, the London Marathon and even being spotted in the background of Eurovision.

In 2007, Suffolk County Council officially recognised St Edmund as the patron saint for the county.

A Suffolk County Council spokesman said: “We are firmly behind the idea of holding a Suffolk Day, celebrating with community partners including borough and district councils and the media. We have so many things to be proud of in Suffolk. It’s not always in our nature to shout about things, we tend to be quite a modest bunch, but this is a great opportunity for communities to come together in celebration of our great county.”

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Just some of those paying tribute to Suffolk Day on June 21 include, The Crown at Woodbridge; with a special theme menu promoting local produce, Hollow Trees Farm; hosting a Food and Farming Student Day for 13 - 16 year olds to find out more about opportunities in the agricultural industry, and Felixstowe Community Choir; who will be performing at Felixstowe Spa Gardens.