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Fairfax Residents “rally For The Flag”

Mar 10, 2021


US national flag made by Johnin

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — Last week WDVM reported that the Fairfax County Planning Commission rejected a proposal for a countywide flag ordinance—but it’s not over yet. On Tuesday, the board of supervisors will review the flag regulation ordinance during their regular board meeting.

Many Fairfax residents initially felt relieved after the planning commission rejected the flag ordinance proposal until they found out the proposal still has to be reviewed by the supervisors, which prompted them to rally Monday night.

Politicians, Fairfax residents and even residents from neighboring localities came out, flying their flags high and singing along to patriotic songs in front of the Fairfax County Government Center.

“It’s a symbol to me of our unity and what we stand for, honoring our vets and our first responders…So I think this fight is basically saying ‘we feel very strongly about this issue and we want to make sure that you understand that an ordinance of this type is inappropriate, limits freedom and especially when it comes to our flag’,” said Kirk Cox, a Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Speakers shared stories and personal connections to the flag, all voicing the same concept—Americans should have the right to fly an American flag, of any size or number, if they wish to do so.

“Here we are, in a place where all of a sudden, our local elected officials are saying that we don’t have those rights anymore, that we don’t have the right to free speech, because if you have the right to burn the American flag, by golly, you should have the right to fly the American flag,” said Daniel Gade, former Republican U.S. Senate nominee and founder of New Mission PAC.

“We used to be taught and told that when you look at the red on that flag, that this is the blood and the sacrifice that people have made for us to be free, to be able to live our lives the way we choose to live our lives,” said Steve Knotts, chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee.

The board’s agenda for their Tuesday meeting at 2 p.m. can be found here.