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There’s only three teams in the race for the flag in 2017 according to veteran commentator Mike Sheahan; the Giants, Bulldogs and Crows.

And Sheahan also thinks the top eight is virtually settled with only St Kilda any chance of breaking in.
“There’s only three teams that can win the flag: Adelaide, the Bulldogs and GWS with Port Adelaide the wildcard,” Sheahan said on SEN Breakfast on Monday morning.

“I can’t remember a team being as convincing after six rounds as Adelaide. If the Grand Final were played between teams who finished highest on the ladder, Adelaide would win by 10 goals.”

It’s hard to argue with him after watching the Crows dismantle Richmond on Sunday, but whether Sheahan’s right about the make-up of the rest of the eight might make for more interesting debate.
“I’ve got some chilling news for supporters of 10 clubs. I’m going to state the fact that at this time last year, at the end of round six, the eight was settled… no team outside the eight was able to force their way in during the next 16 rounds.
“There’s only one team that can come in and that’s St. Kilda…the eight has settled now except for St Kilda being the wildcard.”

Program host Tim Watson agreed with Sheahan to a point.

“I’m still unconvinced about Richmond and I’m still unconvinced about Melbourne as well,” Watson said.

“St Kilda’s performance against Hawthorn was fantastic, but you just wonder whether there was enough pressure coming the other way. We saw Melbourne dismantle them earlier in the season.

“Overall I think (the Saints) have the capacity to be a better balanced side, attack and defence, than what Melbourne is over the course of the season.”