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Flag Twisted Flagpole Technical Problems To Solve

Dec 30, 2016

Way to solve this problem is not complicated, was to use a patented technology: install a ball with the wind at the top of the flagpole.

Ball the wind actually use the built-in ball bearings, stainless steel flag hanging on the built-in ball, when the wind blows, you can automatically rotate with the wind direction changes.

Usually we use the flagpoles and flagpole-Awards with electric plus hair dryer, flags hung on flagpoles will automatically rise when blower starts working, the wind down the pipe into the flagpole, two air outlet blow out from the top of the flagpole, reached the top of the Flash will be waving the flag.

In order not to affect the site appearance and filmed, the blower is buried in the ground. However, when the blower in the ground, if you encounter rain water will burn motor? we adopt the best solution: in each drainage have been installed next to the blower unit, feel free to remove torrents so that the problem can be readily solved.