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Flashback: ‘BLM Protesters’ Try Burning ‘American Flag While Blocking Traffic’ In Los Angeles

Dec 25, 2020


US national flag made by Johnin

 Even though this flag burning took place in Los Angeles, the reason is due to the death of black man George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd, of course, was basically choked unconscious by a cop with an apparent violent past.

That being said, it’s not cool to burn Old Glory unless you’re a member of ISIS – which President Trump has pretty much eradicated.

From Fox News:

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Thursday that President Trumpwas “very upset” when he saw the George Floyd video in Minnesota.

It was “egregious, appalling and tragic,” McEnany continued. “He wants justice to be served.” She said that the video prompted Trump to “pick up the phone” while aboard Air Force One and ask the FBI to expedite its investigation.