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Floyd Mayweather Grabs Irish Flag, Conor McGregor Swipes His Backpack

Jul 13, 2017

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor continued their four-day press tour Wednesday in Toronto and, as you might expect, things got out of control quickly. McGregor got the mic first and ripped Mayweather for having strippers on his payroll, not wearing a suit and not being able to read. 

In true wrestling heel fashion, Mayweather fired right back. After McGregor poked fun at "Money" for not having cash, he pulled out his backpack with money in it to say it's all in there. Then, Mayweather grabbed a prop from out of the crowd -- an Irish flag. As Mayweather draped himself in the flag, McGregor went and grabbed the bag of cash.

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"You do something with that flag, I'll f--- you up," McGregor said as he looked into the Mayweather bag. "That's it? There's about five grand in here. Just know you do something with that flag, you ain't getting this bag or this money back. I'll f--- you up on this stage."

Mayweather proceeded to pose for pictures on stage after McGregor walked away. Things got wild on Wednesday, and there are still two more days of this press tour. We can't wait for the rest.