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Houston Astros Superfan Flies Flag On U.S. Coast Guard Vessel In Bahrain

Oct 25, 2017

Nathan Chapman is the 2nd from the right, holding the top corner of the flag. (Bobette Dunn)

HOUSTON - The Houston Astros’ flag is flying high in Bahrain.

The United States Coast Guard Cutter Baranof is flying the Houston team’s flag with permission after a lifelong fan, Petty Officer 1st ClassNathan Chapman, asked to fly the flag.


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Chapman’s mother, Bobette Dunn, shared some of the photos from the vessel with KPRC 2. Dunn said her son, now 38, has been in the Coast Guard for 10 years and took his Astros caps and T-shirts with him, along with his Astros flag, on assignment to Bahrain.

Chapman grew up in Sugar Land and graduated from Dulles High School and St. Thomas University.

“We are very proud of him and the Astros!”