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Polished Stainless Steel Flagpole Two Methods

Dec 30, 2016

Phosphoric acid forming a layer of phosphate adsorption on the workpiece looks, this mucous thinner at the bulge, recess is thick, raised at high current density and dissolved quickly, with mucous membrane activity, the level of change, rough appearance gradually leveling process.

Electrolytic polishing advantages: exterior and interior color common, durable gloss, mechanically polished cannot be thrown into the recesses can also be leveled; high production efficiency, low cost prices; adds appearance against exterior corrosion resistance of the workpiece the workpiece, applicable to all stainless steel materials.

Chemical polishing is carried out using the principle of electrochemical Anodic dissolution of the metal grinding polishing, mechanical and electrochemical polishing polishing associated with organic, played an electrochemical polishing expertise and organization categories, it is not subject to restrictions on the hardness and toughness of information, can Polish all kinds of messy shaped workpiece, their approach similar to the electrolytic grinding. Advantage of more precision polishing, is the processing of stainless steel flagpole mirror the flower.