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Proposed Tulsa City Flag Is Gaining Street Acceptance

Sep 08, 2017

The people who are promoting a new flag for the City of Tulsa have taken a patient approach to that process.

While the City Council hasn't taken any action on the matter, the Tulsa Flag group is waiting to see how people on the streets like the design.

Two are flying outside the historic Philtower Building at 5th and Boston downtown, while others can be seen in front of businesses in the Cherry Street area.

The group has sold almost 200 of the flags with profits going to the Tulsa Public Schools Education Foundation, and they've also given out stickers and T-shirts.

While the design has its detractors, it's getting traction on the streets.

The idea was to have a symbol that can be part of our culture. Since the current flag displays the official seal of the City of Tulsa, by law it can't be duplicated.

The people who've promoted change are being a patient and aren’t pushing the city.

Jacob Johnson of GitWit Design said, "We knew going in that we wanted to do this it would be hard to get adoption for it. But that adoption means a few things. It means people adopting it as their own."

He was a co-founder of the effort with Joey Wignarajah. They've been excited to see the flag showing up all over town.

It's even showing up in our local craft beer culture.

Wignarajah said, "Dead Armadillo Brewery and Marshall are both incorporating the design into some of their labels. We have a city that’s embraced their beers and they're embracing the flag."

He said the flag design has all it takes to be a timeless symbol and it's a good sign the beer makers like it too.

They hope grass roots acceptance will eventually win over City Hall, but for now seeing the new flag out there is exciting to drive down the street and see a flag or a T-shirt on someone they don't know.

Johnson said, "They're just wearing it because they love Tulsa and they love the flag."

One day they'd love to see the new version over City Hall, but for now they'll settle for seeing it anywhere and everywhere.