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Stainless Steel Flag Pole How To Proceed Should Be Fixed

Dec 30, 2016

Stainless steel flagpole fixation according to personal habits in different ways, as long as the flag is fixed safety is good. Stainless steel flagpole of commonly used methods is the hole in the upper end of the steel wire rope end by the flag from the top down into, followed the wire rope through the flags ring and plastic cap screw, wire rope wore out from the counterweight rods, fixed at one end of the spring. Next fixtures can also be used to fix the flagpole, align the plastic screw hole and screwed to the counterweight rod, after aligning holes, a self tapping screw. Pulling the halyard and mast right height position, General 1.2m of the water level, there is a rectangular window, reached into the window to pull the rope, hanging at the top of the flagpole, and limited block locations.

Fixed either way is ultimately private hole, the hole is designed for pole fixing. For construction should be carried out strictly in accordance with the requirements of the flagpole of the reinforcement, fixed, so you have no worries.